Hello everybody

first of all i have to admit that I am completely ignorant about linux. Secondly I have started a similar thread in a german forum but since nobody seems to be able to help me there, please forgive me for double posting this.

My troubles started when I set up my new computer. I have installed Win7 and then ubuntu 9.4. Unlike in windows where the resolution of my screen (2048 x 1152) is correctly displayed, I cannot change the resolution in ubuntu above 1536 × 1152. My first attempt to resolve the problem was to install the "fglrx" driver. I used the package manager to do so and everything seemed to be ok until I tried to reboot the machine, which didnt work anymore (screen remains black). Since I was still able to boot in recovery mode I managed to somehow uninstall the driver and boot again in the normal mode. Next I installed the driver "radeonhd" which again went whitout any (visible) trouble, I also was able to boot thereafter. The only problem is now that I still cannot change the screen resolution.

Conclusion: I need help with that.

Thanks in advance for any attempt to help me solve my problem.

-MoBo: gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P (AM3)
-CPU: AMD PhenomII X3 720 BE
-VideoCard: club3d hd5850
-PSU: xigmatek GO GREEN (500Watt)

PS: I do not need any 3d performance under ubuntu, just screen resolution.