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Thread: X.Org startup/resolution problem (too large) after RAM install // Toshiba NB205-N310

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    X.Org startup/resolution problem (too large) after RAM install // Toshiba NB205-N310

    I'm running UNR 9.04 on a Toshiba NB205-N310, and have been happily for the last few months. Tonight I installed a recently purchased Crucial 2GB DDR2 RAM stick. Upon booting up, when X.Org started it flashed to a glitchy black screen with two off-color ubuntu logos adjacent to one another, with the bottom half of the screen showing the default wallpaper. It then flashes again, and returns to the login screen. The resolution, however, is off, appearing slightly larger than normal, with fonts rendering thinner. I can log in fine, although the computer runs slightly slower, and upon getting to the UNR launcher, all the icons and text and slightly larger and ill-defined than they should be, and the system responds significantly slower.

    I replaced my default 1GB ram stick after running into this problem with the 2GB in there, but it still shows the glitch screen upon Xorg startup, and still has the off-resolution problem. So now I'm confused, as this should seemingly have nothing to do with the new RAM, even though the problem first occurred after installing it.

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