Hi everyone,

I first came across this issue during jaunty development, and initially posted this in the jaunty devel forum. It didn't get much response at the time though so I thought i'd try my luck here. The issue actually re-occurs in Karmic, but I can't even begin to get it solved without knowing what the related piece of software would be (edited and updated for clarity):


I have an hp pavilion dv9000 laptop which features touch sensitive hotkeys for volume control, play/pause etc (seen here). When I first installed jaunty (beta) the volume control hotkey worked as expected - sliding your finger one way increased the volume, the other decreased it.

[...] Now the volume control no longer works properly. If you place your finger on the right hand side of the hotkey the volume increases rapidly, if you place it on the left it decreases. Sliding your finger doesn't do anything except insofar as whilst your finger is on one side of the slider the volume changes rapidly.

My question is - what is it that controls the hotkey behaviour (so i can either revert to a previous version or preferably file a bug report)?