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Thread: heat warning

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    heat warning

    Hi all,

    In my old thinkpad (running windows) there was some kind of failsafe, if the computer would reach a certain temperature it would shut down. As my eee got really hot (too warm to touch) I was wondering whether this is linked to the hardware or the OS (or something else?)


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    Re: heat warning

    Related thread for Toshiba users:

    Apparently this problem is showing up on multiple models and distros. The current theory is that it's a kernel bug, only present after version 2.6.28-xx; it's been suggested this is a problem with ACPI, BIOS, the graphics card, and numerous other possible sources, but no one's been able to pin it down. And there may or may not be a report filed for this; it's near impossible to tell.

    I think it would help everyone if we kept the discussion of the issue on a single regularly updated thread, such as this one, instead of re-posting the same information on multiple threads where hardly anyone can find it. This problem affects everyone; it should involve everyone.
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