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Thread: Belkin F8T016 Bluetooth solution

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    Belkin F8T016 Bluetooth solution

    I had trouble using this mini usb dongle with kubuntu hardy. Although the adapter was detected, communications didn't work. That is to say, hcitool dev revealed an adapter, but communications were not successful. hci_usb needs the parameter reset=1 for it to work. On modern versions of ubuntu, you simply add the line:

    options hci_usb reset=1

    to the file /etc/modprobe.d/options

    Then pull the adapter, sudo rmmod hci_usb, and reinstall the adapter.

    For people hunting for a solution:
    Bus 003 Device 022: ID 050d:016a Belkin Components

    Hopefully that'll help the next guy!

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    Re: Belkin F8T016 Bluetooth solution

    Works w/ Ubuntu 8.04. Thanks.


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