Hey folks. I'm back on Ubuntu with a lot of enthusiasm about it. I just got my new Aspire One Netbook and installed 9.04 on it, next to the already-there XP.
I've got a couple bugs and tweaks to look at, and I'm starting this thread as a good guide for everyone to look through with the same, or similar hardware and software issues.
Number one on my list is that when I installed Ubuntu in a separate partition, XP failed to boot up, instead going to Acer's erecovery management, asking me to restore the system to a factory default. I'm not well versed in how to fix this sort of thing, so I'm asking for some help.
Number two is getting comletely set up. I know the main fold of drivers and such from multiverse, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of the most functional arrangement for this machine. A good sources list may be appreciated too.
Anyone with good ideas please post, especially about the dual-boot issue. I've never done a dual-boot, nor have I ever tried. I'm guessing Windows doesn't like being second place, but we'll see. I'm totally unversed in Grub editing.
Thanks for any input.