My wubi install under xp now reports insufficient space in the root.disk for new programs. I'm reluctant to risk losing the various bits (webcam, video editor,sound,wine,virtualbox etc) currently functional, by attempting a migration to a separate linux partition. After creating an 'extra.disk' alongside my 'root.disk' I wondered if it is possible to transfer the contents of the root.disk to the extra.disk, delete the latter and rename 'extra.disk' to 'root.disk'?
As a 77 y.o. tutor for a senior cits group I don't have the stomach (years?) to embark on a serious linux learning curve and know that my fellow oldies are only interested in the applications on offer, rather than the fun of getting them to work! On the other hand there is something very appealing to old retired pensioners in a free, virus resistant operating system and free applications.