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Thread: audio files CDROM

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    audio files CDROM

    I am new to Ubuntu 9.04 x 64. I am having problems with the CDROM displaying audio files - purchased discs - wavefiles. I put a Cd in the drive and the Devices recently plugged in: lists the volume and gives three options:
    1. Open audio Cd in Dolphin 2. Extract Digital Audio in K3B 3. Do nothing.
    If I open K3B, the files are listed but if I open Dolphin no files are displayed. If I try to open Amarok 2 I can not find the file or drive. The CDROM works for digital files and I can burn digital files with it. I just can not get the drives to recognize Audio files.
    Any Suggestions??
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    Re: audio files CDROM

    Amorok 2 seems to be the problem. Loaded Rhythmbox and seems to play ok.

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