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Thread: Drivers for ati 9550 on Ubuntu 9.04

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    Drivers for ati 9550 on Ubuntu 9.04

    Hy.I have installed on my pc Ubuntu 9.04.My graphic card is an Ati 9550.I know that from Catalys 9.4 and above my card is no longer suported by Ati.
    Can anyone help me install the drivers for my card?

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    Re: Drivers for ati 9550 on Ubuntu 9.04

    I think you are going to be stuck with the open source driver for that card. Do you find that it is not good enough for your needs? I have an ati 9200SE which is brilliant with the OS driver, though I admit that is pure luck, as this is a windows PC that I have turned over to ubuntu now and have used almost exclusively for the past nearly 5 years.

    You may need to consider a new card if you need better performance than you can get at the moment, and if so go for an nvidia card that is perhaps a year or so old, rather than a brand new designed card, meaning the drivers will by now have been sorted out properly.


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