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Thread: Boot 9.10 without monitor connected

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    Hi all,

    I have a self made media pc with an onboard intel graphics card. Because I was not able to mirror the screen (1280x1024) to a TV with automatic rescaling, I bought a small device that can do this for me. Unfortunately the VGA connector of it is not fully wired. This means that the system thinks, that no monitor is connected.
    If I plug that thing in after gnome has booted completely, everything works fine. But - of course - I want it to be connected all the time.

    So I do need to be able to start the xserver and gnome without automatically search for a monitor.

    I tried some tips I found here but I had no success.
    What I tried:
    create a xorg.conf that works with X in Ubuntu 9.10
    Remove all but the one resolution I need.
    Add Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT"

    Linux will not boot and is not accessable by vnc. Even ping does not response.

    Do you have an idea how I can tell the xserver to do what i want without caring about connected devices?

    After booting the computer I can see GRUB on both screens. The system freezes with with a blanc screen (no VGA signal) after GRUB loads linux.

    Best regards,
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