We have all seen dual boot arrangements and such but I am interested in the extra security that a physical separation of hard drives would provide. I am curious why I have never seen switches on (power or data) cables for internal drives.

I would like to install two separate hard drives in my computer with one operating system loaded on one (say with my sensitive data) and another drive with a separate operating system loaded on it (say for email and browsing the internet). (On occasion I could turn them both on to transfer select information.)

I could load an alternate operating system on an external drive but I would still like the option of turning off the internal drive with all of my sensitive information. Plus, I dont like the clutter of extra "stuff".

Has anyone done this before?
Where did you put the switch: power or SATA cable?
If you put the switch in the power cable where did you put it: there are two power (colored) and two ground (black) wires?

I have heard in the past that this kind of arrangement could fry your computer but the way we hot swap external hard drives I find it hard to believe. Am I wrong?