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Thread: Behold Sansa-Rhythmbox Syncing

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    Re: Behold Rhythmbox Playlist Syncing to ANY DEVICE

    Don't know why there aren't more pointers to this thread. There are so many other threads with people complaining about this issue.

    Also works like a peach for android. All I had to do was edit the single line for SANSA_MOUNT.

    I made a tiny update just to get rid of the mv issue quoted above.

    Thank you to everyone.

    p.s. naturenut was your issue particular to Sansa maybe?
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    Re: Behold Sansa-Rhythmbox Syncing

    My path to wave I is /run/usr/$user/gvfs works with this? script only creating m3u, no pla,
    a Sujee Maniyam's script?
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