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Thread: Working with USB sticks - when to remove etc

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    Question Working with USB sticks - when to remove etc

    I don't get any kind of "Now you can remove your USB stick" notifications in Ubuntu, and frankly have no idea if and when the files I was copying to/from it are written/read. The copy dialog does not appear for small files, but a lot of errors occasionally popup that have to do with removing the stick too early. That is not a good user interface. There should be definite message that notifies me that I can remove it.

    Frankly this applies to any removable storage media.

    What should work, and how this should work? I don't like unreliable systems.

    The write-cache is probably on, and I like it that way.

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    Re: Working with USB sticks - when to remove etc

    Nautilus shows the mounted/unmounted state of a device in the device's icon. You can unmount by right-clicking the device.

    If a stick's mounted, it isn't safe to pull the stick...

    If a stick's unmounted, it is safe to pull it.

    If you prefer a gigantic system-modal dialog box with animated patriotic eagles and Souza march music to keep you from doing anything until you acknowledge the safe status of your stick, it's really easy to do that in linux.

    I think the average user might throw up a little if that were the standard behavior though.

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    Re: Working with USB sticks - when to remove etc

    The point is even when unmounting, I have no idea when it is safe to remove it. It blinks with its light after I unmount it for about 5 seconds.

    There is no definite notification after unmount either.

    I don't want no dialog boxes, and especially no american eagle crap.

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