he||o all.
I have an Apache installed on my local machine with a few hosts configured.

so, Chromium,,opera, midori... all of them crushes wif segmentation fault when i try to access those local sites.

FF is 0k.

dmesg says after crash:
[1118354.872921] midori[15971]: segfault at b4aa20bc ip b6c16a95 sp b4aa20a4 err
or 6 in libc-2.9.so[b6b4f000+15c000]
[1122093.378538] chromium-browse[17906]: segfault at b4f9c0fc ip b7066a95 sp b4f
9c0e4 error 6 in libc-2.9.so[b6f9f000+15c000]