Is there a version of Ubuntu that will run on a IBM Thinkpad 600 Pentium II 366 Mhz 288MB RAM 160 GB Hard Drive (Machine Type 2645) other then a command prompt or text based version? I prefer a Graphical based interface and don't want to use a command prompt version I tried to install 7.10 but it took way to long and never got to the install part. I tried 9.04 and it installed ok but then at reboot it gave me an error 18 I think but what ever it did not boot so I tried 8.04 and it installed and booted up ok but system monitor shows the CPU running at 100% so it runs real slow due to the CPU running at 100% load. Also now Windows 2000 crashes with a BSOD inaccessible device. I did not mess with Windows 2000 partition because I put the Linux partition after the Windows 2000 partition and made it primary and put the Swap partition after the Linux Partition.