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Thread: New Wacom Bamboo not working

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    Re: New Wacom Bamboo not working

    Thank Johnny2k. I hadn't added the udev rules. Added them, and made the changes to my xorg.conf, but that caused X to crash on startup (several attempts to start followed by a blank screen requiring a SysRq reboot). I've commented out the wacom lines from the ServerLayout section and it starts normally now, but obviously without the tablet working. (I had an fdi file, but I removed that to try xorg, neither giving any joy.)

    Also, it looks like the udev rules haven't worked for some reason, as there's is no /dev/input/wacom. I saved the rules file you posted to /etc/udev/rules.d/60-wacom.rules. Does this suggest that something's up with my driver? I haven't included the wcm2 patch when compiling, just the wcm_working_patch so far.

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