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I did find out that I was sending out too many button codes so I am hoping that is what caused the right click instead of left click for the pen touching the pad.

In the updated patch, I changed the BTN_STYLUS, and BTN_STYLUS2 back to 0x02 and 0x04 respectively (they were 0x03 and 0x05). I have now included the 0x80 data back into the pen and eraser section to see if it will help keep the eraser from disappearing. You might want to keep an eye on it to see if the cursor will jump to the upper left hand corner or not since the 0x80 data do not provide any coordinate info. If it does, we will switch it back. ...
Ayuthia, I noticed last night in testing, that pairs 0x02/0x04 and pairs 0x03/0x05 were for stylus above and with nib pressed and pressing button 2. Maybe you know this already and I can't remember if I posted the info. Anyway, I would get one pair pressing button 2 above the pad and the other if the nib was down (button 1) and I pressed button 2. I will test again to verify tho.