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The Xorg.0.log that you attached does not have any pen movements. However, I think I have enough information right now with TheguywholikesLINUX's Xorg.0.log data.

I did make the update to the patch to include all 0xfN stylus and eraser codes. The only missing ones are the 0xeN ones. When you have a chance, can you try that patch out and let me know if it is any different? Thanks for doing all this!
The Xorg.0.log never has any data related to x,y position. Are you talking about /var/log/messages that has thousand of these movement in it? I never had any movement data in Xorg.0.log and that may be because I'm not using the xorg.conf to define the tablet. I'm only using the .fdi file which give me plug&play usage.

May it be why we don't seems to talk about the same thing?

BTW, you are telling me that you updated the code. Is that still in post #144 I've not looked yet as I'm on the road right now.

Thank you.