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Hi again,

Well, in the Xorg log, I can see that the it is talking with the Wacom. The /dev/input/event7 (wacom) is getting the "Wacom Intuos2 6x8 Wacom X driver can't grab event device, errno=16" for the device. This error message is not there for any of the related stuff (erase, stylus, pad, etc). The /dev/input/event8 (wacom-touch) seems to be fine (Wacom Intuos2 6x8 Wacom X driver grabbed event device. and I don't see any error related to this but... it is not helping as X is not doing anything.

Actually, once the xorg.conf is configured, I'm loosing my USB mouse as well. Is there a way to have both (tablet and mouse) active at the same time? At least, while I'm debugging the tablet, that would help instead of having to go back to a terminal.

Is that information that is helping? I can do a cut&paste but I'll have to reboot as... I don't have access to my mouse right now

Thank you.

Can you attach the Xorg.0.log to your next post:
cp /var/log/Xorg.0.log $HOME
tar -cvjf Xorg.0.log.tar.bz2 Xorg.0.log
This will create a file called Xorg.0.log.tar.bz2. Please attach that file to your next post. It is a compress tar file of your log.

Normally, the tablet and mouse should work just fine together. It might be possible that there is an interrupt conflict or else one of the kernel modules crashed causing the usb devices to crash.