Good Morning

Anyone know how to get the library broswer back to normal?

I have a small library problem after the kids did an upgrade last night.
I was running 9.10b (FE & BE in one box) and now have been upgraded to the last version (last night)

All is good still except for the video library. It has changed to now just one big list (nearly 5000 file names) of video files instead of being nicely organised like it was.

I store all my videos on a seperate hard drive (HDD2) in seperate folders (home movies, kids, adults, classics). Every things was setup for rating password access control (i have kids under 6 yrs.

Before the update the initial pages under browser view was just 4 folders (as above) and then the different video in the separate folders.
Now I just have 1 browsable icon for every file that is of a video type from across all hard drives on the computer.
This includes all the separate files types. eg The .vob files used to sit behind there relevant title folder but are now individually listed.

If I switch to gallery view then all is as per normal. Just 4 folders on the initial page

I have looked at heaps of setting and tried to change heaps of things to fix this but to no avail.

does anyone know how to fix the browser view so that it shows the videos in there folders etc.