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Thread: Dell 2550 Server hardwarre issues

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    Dell 2550 Server hardwarre issues


    Have a 2550 PE server. I Cannot install any pci cards. Get Plug & play errors & the scsi bios will not load when card is inserted

    Used Dell Diagnostics NO errors were found. tried to clear nvram Put jumper on inv-clr booted got message it was on. then removed and booted to bios to make sure correct - no change

    Bios is A09. Embedded Server Management Firmware 5.50. Primary system backplane controller firmware revision 1.30. Adaptec AIC-7899 scsi bios build 25309

    2 X 933mhz P3 CPU's, 2 X 33G scsi HDD in each in RAID 0, 512 meg RAM

    System works fine otherwise. All green lights on the front panel

    Any help appreciated


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    Re: Dell 2550 Server hardwarre issues

    If I remember correctly the scsi bios does not load on card insertion but will load when you press ctrl-m during boot process. this is standard for a lot of server hardware.
    you should go into setup and make sure the pci configuration is enabled.
    Im running dell 2800 dual 3.4 processors, 8 hdd, 6 gig ram, ubuntu server
    have run server for a few years so I hope this helps
    I would also check dell hardware support about the plug and play errors

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    Smile Re: Dell 2550 Server hardwarre issues

    Thanks for the reply. My scsi card does not have raid. My bad in the OP saying raid 0. I have ctrl a key process (sorry) but it does not me do that either. I actually registered for the Dell community forum (and even installed dreaded Win as well) & thats where I got the idea to try inv-clr jumper. Thanks anyway

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