Appologies for cross-posting ( - thought this forum may be more relevant;

Just made the switch from XP to Ubuntu but I'm having a few issues. I'll try and be a clear as possible but I am new to Linux so appologies in advance if I'm missing something obvious, I have been searching the forums and trying to fix this myself.

Initially I did a clean install of 9.04 and can boot to the desktop but after a minute or two the GUI locked up. I did some searching around and found that adding this to grub's boot options helped as the problem may lie with the wrong tasks being sent to the wrong core in a multi-core cpu;

noapic nolapic pci=noacpi
The problem with this is that I only get one core of my cpu working so I took out all but;

The system now boots and works for a seemingly random period of time, although launching synaptic, add/remove... or apt from the command line results in an instant freeze.

Here is /var/log/dmesg with only pci=noacpi in the boot options;

And here it is with all three options;

Hope sendspace is okay, let me know if I should use something else.

The only other things I've done since installation is to add VLC and install some drivers to OSS working with my X-Fi card. I'd really like to be able to use both cores of my cpu.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hardware specs for info;

Shuttle SD32G5 with 2Gb of RAM, Intel C2D@2.13, Nvidia 7600GT and Creative X-Fi