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Tonight's nightly update of Ubuntu 10.04 may have thrown up this problem:-

I have k10temp installed and working (showing only four of the six cores) on my Phenom II x6 1090T.
This evening after update I now have a constant flashing message on screen which I cannot close saying
'Error Updating Sensor Temp1
An error occurred while trying to
update the value of the sensor temp1
located at sensor://k10temp-pci-00c3/0 '

I commented out k10temp in etc/modules but it has not disabled k10temp and the flashing warning above still shows.

can anyone help with this one.
Hi wetinwales.

I can only get 1 temp for my X6 1055T to show, i can't seem to find a fix for it, i have all the latest updates installed at least you've got 4 cores to show, how can i ask.