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Thread: Ubuntu Sound Card Problems

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    Angry Ubuntu Sound Card Problems

    I found this post here and could not add a reply I reposted it here because I am having the exact same problem except I only have an on board sound card.

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    Ubuntu Sound Card Problems!!!
    I have an interesting situation with going on with my Ubuntu computer. I have the latest version of Ubuntu installed. I have 2 sound cards on my computer: one that is attached to my motherboard and a much nicer PCI one (some kind of Audiology ZS2 or something like that) I have all of my speakers connected to the PCI card. Sometimes, at random, when I boot up my computer, I’ll have no sound at all – nothing. Sometimes I can reboot it and the sound will come back. Sometimes it doesn’t. Someone suggested that I disable the motherboard’s sound card in the system BIOS and that might solve the problem. Does anyone know what’s going on or can suggest a quick fix for this? Keep in mind I’m fairly new to the Linux desktop.



    Re: Ubuntu Sound Card Problems!!!
    That poor computer of yours must be getting terribly confused about which sound device to load.

    Go into the BIOS and disable your on-board sound chip. That way your computer will use the Creative Audigy sound card (much better sound output).

    Don't forget to plug your speakers into the card outputs.

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    Re: Ubuntu Sound Card Problems

    Not sure about disabling onboard sound...that will vary from motherboard to motherboard, if it's even an option for your board. But you should be able to go System > Preferences > Sound. And there you will see your default playback device. Make sure it's set to the PCI card and you should be good.


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