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Thread: Setting up Jaunty on the Acer Aspire One.

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    Setting up Jaunty on the Acer Aspire One.

    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire One netbook, the ZA3 model I believe. I promptly put the latest copy of the Jaunty Netbook remix on it. It runs very well. However, I had a few hurtles so I thought I'd share my results with the community, and throw out my final issue for anyone that might be able to help.

    1) Installation went smoothly. F12 enabled the BIOS, and I changed it to boot off the USB with F2. Using unetbootin I had a working copy of the remix in no time.


    Once at the desktop I found that the resolution was not at the highest setting. A quick search here showed me how to enable the higher video resolution from the desktop:

    Still not perfect. Desktop lag and video that was unwatchably choppy. To fix the problem I installed poulso and psb drivers as explained here:

    4) Briefly I was happy with the laptop. Then I left it alone for a while, and it eventually went into sleep mode. It then fails to return, giving an orange power indicator and a blank monitor.

    I had the same problem on my desktop. I followed the instructions here:

    Sleep mode now works on the desktop, but still kills the Aspire.

    I'm documenting these struggles in the hopes that someone else can profit from them. In the meantime, if anyone knows how to make sleep mode work on an Aspire ZA3 I would be indebted to you!


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    Re: Setting up Jaunty on the Acer Aspire One.

    Do you have any problems with recording sound from the mic?
    I can't get the settings right to use skype
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