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Thread: Trouble Installing New HD in Thinkpad A30

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    Trouble Installing New HD in Thinkpad A30

    I've been using Ubuntu on an old A30 laptop with good results. Lately the system has been locking up on a regular basis. Everytime I reinstall, it is trouble free for a few weeks.
    I suspect the hard drive is bad and have purchased and installed a new one.
    Is there anything in BOIS I need to do to have the computer recognize the new HD?
    When I try to install the OS from the CD, it gets to the partitioner and just shows a blank page...nothing to select or change. If I quit the install, thelive CD then runs Ubuntu just fine.
    Any Help or ideas?

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    Re: Trouble Installing New HD in Thinkpad A30

    You may have to play with your BIOS SATA settings. Some machines have options for IDE operation, RAID, Disabled, etc. Typically these things aren't changed just by swapping hard drives though.


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