Hello, I'm new to Linux (running 9.04) and this is my first time posting on these forums.

I'm having a problem with my battery that I just can't figure out. What happens is the battery warning indicator at the bottom of my screen starts blinking like the battery is low on health, but the change indicator in my panels shows that it still has about 50% left. Additionally, the charge indicator on the battery itself shows 50% as well.

Nonetheless a few minutes after the battery warning light starts blinking, my laptop shuts down as if it has lost power. This is worrying me because I've heard that Ubuntu really hates hard shutdowns.

What's really strange is that I can immediately turn the computer back on and boot everything up just fine and sometimes run it for hours without ever going near a plug.

It seems to me that Ubuntu has for some reason decided that at random charge levels, the battery is depleted and shuts itself down quickly to save from a power loss situation.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening? It's a very new battery (only about a month old) so I doubt it's truly a problem with the battery itself.

Thanks for your help,