well i did it again. i can never leave well enough alone and when my computer was functioning exactly how i wanted it to i decided it would be a good idea to take it apart and play with it. to make a long story short, i ended up unplugging the power supply from the motherboard and then plugging it back in, and afterwards i got two long beeps from my BIOS when i turned it on. i had this same problem before when i got the bright idea to tinker with it and i took it to the shop where they said it was because my ram and they just swapped a few of them around and it worked. i didnt take the ram out before this happened so it was in the configuration they left it in at the shop. i tried swapping them around a bit and it didnt help, so i took out all my ram (4 gigs worth) and put in a 512 i had laying around (ugh). it's running ok now but i'd really like to have my 4 gigs of ram back. i'm pretty sure it's not fried because i had the same problem before and it worked. i just don't understand why it wouldn't work in the configuration it was in before, or why it would need to be in a certain configuration to begin with. 3 of the sticks are identical make and model and the 4th is the same speed and capacity.

i guess i'll keep playing with it for a while, but if someone could enlighten me as to why it behaves like this or how to fix it i'd appreciate it.