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Thread: Eclipse 3.5 and Tomcat6.0.18_ubuntu not playing well together!!

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    Re: Eclipse 3.5 and Tomcat6.0.18_ubuntu not playing well together!!

    Besides the needed symlinks, i really dont see why permitions must be set to 666 or, worse, 777. Ive found another solution that deals with permitions in a more secure way: add yourself to the tomcat6 group!

    sudo usermod -a -G tomcat6 <your-login>
    The logout and login again... this way you (and therefore Eclipse) has read/write to all tomcat's configuration files.

    But.. a question: WHY eclipse need WRITE permition on Tomcats config files? Doesnt it copy the files to a "local" server? So why wouldnt READ be enough?

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    Exclamation Re: Eclipse 3.5 and Tomcat6.0.18_ubuntu not playing well together!!

    I have eclipse3.5 and tomcat6 on Ubuntu 11.04.
    I am trying to create Dynamic Website Project on Tomcat but every time its giving me http 404 error. I am sure about Apache2 setup it is up and running. I followed every possible solution available on line. Changing the Catalina variable, installing tomcat6 manually, changing workspace and all the instruction given on this page.
    I am able to see the main page of tomcat6 with localhost:8080 and One of the user-role is Manager. I am able to login as manager and see all the examples and doc. When I run the server from eclipse3.5 'server' tab it give me 404 error. My workspace is not in '/var/www/', The environment variable are (after manual installation of tomcat6)

    Dcatalina.base=/home/username/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/tmp0 (i don't know how to change this)

    Still no result..
    I have given many hours with zero and frustrating results.

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