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Thread: Important questions before migration

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    Question Important questions before migration

    Hello everybody,

    I am a longtime mac user (since OS 8.5) and I am currently running on Leopard. I have since 8.5 owned every single release of the Mac OS.

    However, lately Apple is heading into a direction I don't really like and I might do a jump into the unknown by migrating full time to Ubuntu.

    I have Ubuntu installed now for two months in dual boot and experimented a bit.

    But, before I migrate and use Ubuntu as my every day OS, I need to make sure a few things, and so I hope that I am able to get some answers here.

    1. I am using iWork '09 as a daily work tool, and I simply can not live without it, for the following reasons:

    - It's ease of use for making page layouts with Pages.
    - Keynote presentations

    What equivalent software exists on Linux ?

    2. One program which is absolutely essential to me on Mac OS is Rapidweaver by Real Mac Software. I simply need the program in order to keep my webpage up to date and I have no clue about HTML and PHP programming whatsoever.

    So NVU is not an option as I have tried it last time it is much less intuitive. So any template based, WYSIWYG editor would do.

    Also, I have a Time Machine backup of my system:

    3. Is there an equivalent backup solution to Time Machine on Ubuntu and is it possible to make the time machine backup disk readable under Ubuntu ? As it would avoid me to move each file manually ?

    Please, once I have solved these problems I would be ready to migrate full time to Ubuntu, so please, help me answer these few questions.

    Thank you everybody.


    P.S.: I use my computer 80% for work and 20% for leisure.
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    Re: Important questions before migration

    There are software tools for doing the things you want, but be aware that no matter how good the programs are, you will have a learning curve ahead of you. Some things will be frustrating for you at first, and other things will be better.

    For presentations, Open Office has a powerpoint-like program called Presentation.

    For Time-Machine like backups, take a look at Back in Time:

    Can't help you on Rapidweaver equivalent.
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    Re: Important questions before migration

    For a WYSIWYG web development tool try Kompozer. I am currently checking it out. You might wanna do the same. A lot of people have recommended it, so might be worth a shot.


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    Re: Important questions before migration

    Kompozer is cool. Does me but I was using it in the Windows world. It is NVU though and as you say, that is not intuitive enough for you ...

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