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Thread: Video playback for a laptop

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    Video playback for a laptop

    Hello, I was thinking of installing a version of Ubuntu on my old laptop ("Itronix IX250" - 850MHz Celeron, 512 RAM, 8 VRAM) to play video from an external hard drive (USB 1.0, the only USB the laptop has) to my 26" wide screen HDTV (through VGA, 1024x768 ).

    I was using a desktop, but after years of battling, it has finally died. Currently the Itronix has XP Pro SP2 installed by default. But when I playback the video, it gets really choppy. I was wondering if Ubuntu (and which version at that, desktop, netbook [thought internet will not be accessible], xu, myth, etc.) would free up enough resources for a smoother play, or if I should check out another version of Linux.

    This is the only thing I would be using the laptop for. Hopefully someone can help, thank you much.

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