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    Red face SOLVED! Openbox menu

    Hi there.

    Got excellent help with a question a few minutes ago which solved that problem but then i ran into a new one.
    Figured it was best to start a new thread.

    This is what i would like to put in my openbox menu.

    terminator --command=echo 1 | btv

    the "echo 1 | btv" bit works like a charm when done from a command line.

    The btv-program is started and option #1 selected.

    Why doesn't it work when I put it into my openbox menu editor.

    "terminator --command=btv" works fine but
    "terminator --command=echo 1 | btv" doesn't.

    Anyone got any idea or a solution to this.

    More than happy if this could be solved.

    edit: Figured following out

    When done from terminal
    terminator --command=echo 1 | btv doesn't work but

    terminator --command="echo 1 | btv" does

    How ever terminator --command="echo 1 | btv" doesn't work from the openbox menu.

    terminator --command="echo 1 | btv" works very well indeed, at least if you remember to save your openbox menu-file before trying it out...

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