I have 9.04 x86 installed. It worked great, and then I installed Kubuntu-Desktop. I don't know what happened here, and I think I've removed everything, but now I'm stuck with a crappy problem and I don't know how to solve it.

If I run with no visual effects, the desktop displays correctly. If I turn on even basic effects, it works, but my screen gets stuck into a small (I think 640x480) corner of the screen. I get effects, but the rest of the screen is completely blank.

I've tried reinstalling the ati radeon driver (the FGLRX from ATI doesn't work at all - I get a garbled screen when X starts and I have to hard reboot the machine) but no effect.

This is the most annoying problem ever and I have lots of stuff installed and set up (Notes client, crossover office, virtualbox, etc) so I want to avoid a complete reinstall at all cost. I find no errors or anything..

Like I said, this used to work just fine. Help!