I installed, dual boot thankfully, last week and I think I have installed a package I shouldnt have from the download / apps manager. I dont have my live cd or access to any bandwidth to download it.

I get to the end of the load sequence and where my screen should come up it looks like the resolution resizes. It goes black (backlit) then the screen shuts off momentarily and then either stays lit but black or screen is off. This might repeat once or twice..

Tried some commands found in the forums and nothing.
Tried the alt ctrl f1-f6, backspace and nothing.
Tried a few sudo dpkg commands to no avail also.

I get the screens ubuntu 9.04 kernal and .11 normal boot and recovery.
I can get to a command promt and have tried to reconfigure xserver-xorg.

Any help greatly appreciated!! I am very new to Ubuntu.