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Thread: work around - toshiba laptop display brightness problem

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    work around - toshiba laptop display brightness problem

    Hi All,

    I have been playing around with various linux distro's over the years and quit due to some or the other problem, looks like ubuntu 9.04 fixed most of my h/w s/w issues except 1... I have a toshiba satellite laptop and the brightness is blinding. After screaching thru countless posting i finally gave up till i accidently found a work aorund.

    This work around needs a dual boot capability into windows. So start your laptop and boot into windows then reduce the brightness and restart the machine ( make sure to restart and not a complete shut down). Now boot into ubuntu and the brightness should stay to the level set in windows.

    Note: this needs to be performed every time the machine is completely shutdown and restarts. Hope it works for you guys. I know a lot of you are struggling with this issue.


    P.S: Ubuntu Rocks

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    Re: work around - toshiba laptop display brightness problem

    You need to try

    sudo toshset -inten (0-7)

    choose the number which will suit you best.

    Hope this helps


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