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If you are using the rt kernel there is some problems with installing the driver.
Is there a chance I am not using the rt kernel because I do not know what it is?

One year ago when I chose this laptop I deliberately bought one with a ATI card because I read on IT-news sites that AMD had opened the specs and therefor soon there would be open source driver with full feature support. Now I am sitting here using the open source xorg-radeon-driver that still has now 3d support for my card HD 34XX because of some magic interference (or whatever) of the different catalyst drivers that realy should not be there if the guys that had written the install/uninstall scripts had done better jobs.

I will try to look at the installer of the catalyst 9.9 and try to find out in something that was installed by it is still there as I was suggested here. I will not try to make the 9.9 work. At leat not before the dist upgrade that will come soon. I now want the old catalyst that is in the Ubuntu 9.04 repository back working because at least I know it did work last week...