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Toshiba laptops are notorious for having overheating issues. This is usually a hardware problem associated with the main CPU heatsink radiator vanes getting clogged with dust.
Didn't we go over this? The problem has nothing to do with dust buildup or hardware layout; we're talking about brand-new, straight-out-of-the-box laptops that haven't been used enough to have such issues. Also, we don't have this problem in Windows.

Anyway, I haven't checked on the DSDT issue; it is at this point that I admit I'm a lazy half-wit who has a habit of not following through on stuff like that, even if I have every intention of doing so. Fortunately spring break starts soon, so I might have better odds of motivating myself to investigate over the next two weeks.

Almikul, you said updating the kernel fixed the problem for you. When did the 23.19 update come in? I'm trying to remember if I already had that installed or not when I last had Ubuntu installed. (I think I might have been up to 23.17, but I don't accurately recall.) Also, we should figure out what happened to the ACPI data when you installed that update; might be a question for the devs.