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FYI, this is much easier now that the openssh package in Interpid is above version 4.8.

rssh is no longer necessary.

see: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/590
Actually, it is easier to get chroot with OpenSSH 4.9+ (5.1 on Ubuntu 8.10), however, you cannot set umask using this method.

For whatever reason (I cannot seem to find why or a solution) the umask is always being set at the roots umask which is "umask 133" or "rw-r--r--".

I'm trying to get it to allow groups to write any files uploaded as well... "rw-rw-r--" or "umask 113". However, I've googled several sources that have you making a script wrapper, or editing /etc/init.d/ssh to add the umask, etc.

I've yet to get one of those to work, so I'm trying this out.

My test case is transfering a txt file from windows using WinSCP to my Ubuntu box. Every file I transfer ends up with "rw-r--r--". Even when I "sudo touch somefile.txt" I get the same thing.

I'm trying rssh out to see if this will solve the problem. At least until they have some sort of default "umask" setting for OpenSSH via sftp.