I admit that I did this to myself, but now I am stuck. About a week ago I installed the latest Ubuntu along side of my Windows XP Pro, making my laptop dual boot. Everything was working fine, and I tried to improve it. I am not even sure what I installed, but the description was something like tools to configure my graphics card. When I tried to run the new application, it complained about the wrong hardware. I forgot to un-install the app before I shutdown for another reason (my wife had dinner ready).

When I turned the computer back on the next day, I get a funky series of screens with no recognizable content in them. Tapping the power key does initiate an orderly shut down. During the shutdown, the display switches form a frozen pattern, to the Ubuntu reverse-progress bar and screen.

I tried to force VGA mode at boot time, but I got the same results as when I took the default boot. I am able to do a recovery boot, but don't know what to then.

The display works fine when I boot windows on the same laptop, so I know that the hardware is OK. It is just a driver and/or configuration problem.

I hope someone on this forum knows enough abut this to walk me through fixing my laptop without re-installing Ubuntu.

Gil Grodsky