So my friends who are new to Linux just bought a new printer, a Canon IP3600 because we saw that Canon Europe has a driver for that model. Also this printer has individual ink tanks and so it is easy to refill the cartridges.

Went to Canon EU web site and downloaded the deb archive of the driver. Inside were two deb packages and one tar.gz that contains a folder full of small files and license agreements. I did not know how to install the driver. I tried hacking my way thru it with partial results but the printer driver has minimal features and runs slower than usual. And I did not realize that I should be in Root to try and install the driver. So...

I asked my son, a SR Systems Admin in Tampa, how to install it since Canon provided no instructions or guides. He told me to open a Terminal as Root and run dpkg -i against each of the two deb packages. He did not say what to do with the folder from the tar.gz and I still don't know.

So I wrote email to Canon Europe asking for help about installing. I got this answer:
Regarding your query about the IP3600.

Unfortunately, Canon does not support the Linux Operating System.
There may be the possibility to download the driver, but this is only being supported by Linux.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,
Canon Support Centre

Based on their lack of interest and support I would suggest anyone planning to get a Canon printer for use in Linux should be prepared to buy Turboprint and should check with Turboprint *in advance* to see that their prospective printer is supported.

Or just don't by any Canon printer in the first place.
My two cents.