Well, to start things off I'm in charge of one of the computer labs in my school. (I'm a senior in High School) And this to me is so much fun because I am a fan of ubuntu servers. I have a great time working with ubuntu, although, my knowledge of ubuntu is in an infant stage of development. I have done some basic work with DHCP, DNS, LTSP, SSH/SFTP(remote administration), I have even created a CSS server, and a Garry's Mod server(Don't tell my teacher).

My uncle works for a company that has fully invested into linux servers and he has told me that there is a way to use my server to send the information of a GUI based app, like firefox, and open it on my laptop which is ubuntu. For instance, if I wanted to change the port forwarding of my router to allow a new port for a new protocol that I am setting up. I could run a command "something something firefox" and it would open the firefox on my laptop, and I typed in It would show the router in my lab instead of my home router.(I think my uncle mentioned something like this to me)

I want to know if what I would like is even possible and if it is not possible what are some things I should consider installing on my server to get the most out of my ubuntu server. I would also like other ideas on remote administration. Perhaps something that I have not thought about yet. Any links to informational tutorials that would advance my ubuntu and CLI knowledge would also be much appreciated.

A thousand thanks to any enlightenment on the subject.