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Thread: Hosting webserver sithout static ip

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    Hosting webserver sithout static ip

    I am planning to host a ubuntu web server (connected to internet). I dont have a static ip. How ever i have the domain names. Can I host a webserver without a static ip??

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    Re: Hosting webserver sithout static ip

    If you have dynamic IP addresses, it's probably against your ISP's ToS to run a web server for more than personal use (check on this.)

    Some DNS services will have a feature that lets you update your IP by visiting a web address. Just add this address to a cron job

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    Re: Hosting webserver sithout static ip

    Also have a look at I believe it has competitors.

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    Re: Hosting webserver sithout static ip

    If your domain registrar has advanced DNS services you can use a CNAME entry + DynDNS to get something that would work reasonably well. It works ok for personal use, but isn't a good solution for a production site.

    Assuming you are using as your custom domain and have a DynDNS account that always resolves to your external IP, add a CNAME record for (ex): --(CNAME)-->

    The interfaces for setting up DynDNS on your router and using advanced DNS from your registrar vary greatly, so YMMV.

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