I am running ubuntu 9.04 with all current upgrades as of Oct 1, 2009 on
a EEE 1000HA.

I find that having an external monitor hooked up and cycling through
possible resolutions on external monitor via the Fn-F8 key it
will corrupt sound setting after a few presses sound will be muted.
The ext monitor can do max resolutions of 1280 x 1024.

I also find if external monitor is hooked up at time of boot that
a lot of static like sounds occur which might even be damaging.

However if windows is reinstalled to this machine there is no
such issues.

I thought I could live with fooling with just system->preferences->display
but find with that method I can not get the max resolutions on external

Does anybody have suggestions with getting this to work correctly
preferably with Fn-F8 function key?

I didn't see this reported as a identifiable bug.