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Thread: Cellular Modem Setup: APN?

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    Question Cellular Modem Setup: APN?

    I'm trying to use my cellphone as a modem over bluetooth. I have an LG VX8350 with Verizon Wireless. I have set up a custom proxy that I manage myself, and I know it works as I can get general internet access from the WAP browser on the phone. I can also get regular web browser internet from my Nokia 770 using the cell phone as a modem over bluetooth.

    I found the instructions at BluetoothDialup - Community Ubuntu Documentation. I tried following them, but I've gotten stuck at Configuring PPP, as I don't know what my APN is. Would that be my proxy server? I tried that, and it's not working. Nor do I know what the data profile number is on my phone, or how to find that out. Maybe these instructions are for GSM only, and I have CDMA? If so, does anyone have some equally good CDMA instructions?

    I am also curious: On my Nokia 770, I did not have to look up things like APN. It was almost just connect-and-go. And the 770's OS is Maemo, based on Debian Linux. So, what do they have that Ubuntu doesn't, that allows the device to connect without needing a lot of custom details?

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    Re: Cellular Modem Setup: APN?

    Hi pgn674,
    Access Point Name (APN) is defined by the provider so a search using 'country', 'provider name', 'APN' and possibly 'ubuntu' hits some answers.

    As I remember (but cannot check), Verison Wireless works with any APN but they need your 10 digit phone number plus '' as username ( and vzw as password.

    Warning: you mentioned WAP, do you know that 'real internet' connection may cost you a lot more? Check by asking your provider before trying. Also ask them about settings.


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    Re: Cellular Modem Setup: APN?

    Sorry for the delay. I took a look at what you said, but I don't see where in the instructions I linked it even asks for a username or password. I should note that I tried this in Windows Vista on the same machine too, and that wouldn't work, so the USB Bluetooth dongle I got may be bad or cheap. I won't have time to troubleshoot for a while, so it'll be a while before I get back to this thread.


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