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Thread: Laptop battery calibration -- Compaq M300

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    Laptop battery calibration -- Compaq M300

    Hi all,

    I've been running Ubuntu Hardy on a Compaq Armada M300 laptop (circa-2000). I maxed out the RAM and upgraded the original 4GB HD to 60GB -- but admittedly it's running on a vintage processor, so I'm not expecting stellar performance or speed, just basic functionality.

    Happy to say that, for the most part, I get that much out of it. I've been running it more or less successfully for about a year. Sure, I still have to rebuild the wireless after every kernel upgrade (wish I knew how to upgrade the kernel through Pkg Mgr without whacking the wireless in the process -- if anyone feels like sharing, pls do), and I've accepted that, unless I take the plunge and buy a new box I'm going to have slow connections and limited graphics -- but I can deal with all of that.

    What's troubling is battery time -- I get like 15 mins when I'm off-AC, with a full charge, tops. When I was upgrading memory, I also sent the battery in to be refurbished -- they basically cracked the shell open and replaced all the old Li-ION cells, stitched it back together, and sent it back to me, all for about 50 bucks. From my research, apparently most power mgmt apps live in BIOS. But it seems that, on the Compaq Armada, that wasn't the case -- the power mgmt app was separate -- which of course is gone, b/c I blew away Windows altogether when I decided to give Ubuntu a try.

    So, here I have a functional laptop, which I primarily use as a communication tool (kind of a makeshift Netbook, if you will) -- and, while it's slow, it's portable as heck...with the exception of having to locate an AC outlet.

    Anyone know anything about how to get this battery recalibrated? Would be nice to have a couple of cord-free hours here and there.



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    Re: Laptop battery calibration -- Compaq M300

    Honestly from the couple of hours of google searching for battery calibration in Ubuntu there really isn't anything out yet that will do that for you. Sorry to way but maybe soon someone will write something for it or maybe me if I get skilled enough lol. But my opinion is buying a new battery.

    I hope this helps you out.
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    Re: Laptop battery calibration -- Compaq M300

    I have an Armada E500 that I upgraded in much the same way (maxed ram, bigger HD, etc). I too have been experiencing issues with the battery performance and I came across this:

    I'm going to give the manual process a shot and see how it goes.

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