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The complete guide to using Gmail with Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, and Kmail

Here is how to set up a gmail account in Thunderbird, Mozilla mail, Evolution and Kmail. This tutorial is meant to help out anyone, especially a noob such as myself, so it's in for dummies language. I wrote this tutorial because of the lack of good resources on how to do this that I could find. By looking at this document you can get a clue on how to set up gmail in any other email program.

Regardless of the email program you want to use, POP must be enabled in gmail

To do this log onto your gmail account (eg: www.gmail.com) and select “settings” which is located in the top right corner. Then click on “forwarding and pop.” Enable the option “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded).

Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail

Start Thunderbird or Mozilla Mail

Select “File,” “New,” Account

On the window that pops up select “email account,” and next

Then type in your name in the top box, and your email address in the bottom, and click next

On the next window select “POP” as the type of incoming server, then name the incoming server “pop.gmail.com,” it doesn't matter if “Use Global Inbox is enabled” is checked, it makes all of your email accounts report to the same inbox, check it or uncheck it as you wish, and finally click next.

After that make your user name is the same as your email address and click next

Then type in an account name (eg: inbox, gmail, home) this is what you click on to access this account and can be whatever you want, and click next

Click finish

Next click on “edit,” “Account Settings” in Thunderbird or “Mail and Newsgroup Account Settings” in Mozilla Mail, and from the menu of the new window select “server settings.” Make the port “995” and Check “Use secure connection (ssh)”

Your done! See bottom for notes regarding problems and errors.


Start Evolution

Click on “Edit,” then “Preferences”

Click “Add”

Type in your name, email address, reply to address, (what email address you want people to write back to you with) and your organization, if any, and click forward.

Select your server type as “POP,” your host as “pop.gmail.com,” and make sure that your username is the same as your email address. Then under “Use Secure Connection” select always, and your “Authentication Type” as password, and finally click forward.

On the next page adjust settings as you like, they will not interfere with whether gmail will work with evolution or not. Then click forward.

Select server type as “smtp,” type in “smtp.gmail.com” as the host, and check that the “Host requires authentication” box is checked. Next, select, for “Use Secure Connection,” always. Finally, make sure that Authentication type is “Plain” and your user name should be the same as you email address. Click Forward.

On this page name your account whatever you want, it will not interfere with setup and click Forward.

Click apply.

Your done! See bottom for notes regarding problems.


Start Kmail

Go to “Settings,” then “Configure Kmail”

Click on accounts
Click “Add”

Select POP3 on the window that pops up and OK

On this window type in whatever you want your account to be called under “Account Name.” Then type your login, which is your entire email address, and your password. Next for the host type in “pop.gmail.com,” and change the port to 950. Change the rest of the settings to your liking.

Then on the top tab, arrow over to “Extras” For encryption select “Use ssl for secure mail download,” and for Authentication Method, select “Clear Text.”

Your done! See below for notes regarding problems.

I'll be happy to help you with any problems you may have, but please, double check that you've followed the instructions, and make sure you post any error messages that you may have. If you know you have messages in your inbox, but they don't show up enable pop again in gmail. To get messages in my inbox that were there before I configured any of the email programs I covered here I had to repeat that step.

Also here a basic chart on the needs of gmail provided by google:
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-Good Luck