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Thread: Dual vs Quad

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    Re: Dual vs Quad

    Quote Originally Posted by bruno9779 View Post
    quad core is AM2 while dual core is AM3
    my money is on AM3.
    and maybe you could consider getting what I have : PhenomII X3 blackedition. Really a good buy (I haven't managed to overheat it, and albeit! I tried!!)

    You have been miss informed.

    AM2 and AM3 simply refer to the socket architecture being used.

    AM3 for example has everything from Semprons, Single Core Althlons, Dual Cores, Tri Cores and Quads.

    The main diference in AM2 and AM3 is the Voltage, wattage and clock frequency being used.
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    Re: Dual vs Quad

    Just a quick input regarding SSD.
    I have been using an OCZ Vertex 30GB for all my programs and OS (9.04).
    They run around 100+ right now. I have to agree with the others that this is probably one the best upgrades you can do.
    My setup recommendation is two have at least two HDs, one SSD and one "turning" one for the best performance and cost efficiency.
    I just ordered one more ( Corsair extreme series 32GB) for my wife's msi wind netbook.
    Most SSD companies use Samsung flash memory but the key is to get the Indilinx Barefoot controller which seems to have the best performance besides Intel.
    PSU is definitely also of great importance and I must say that the corsair 400W is a good value. I just put one into an older computer and the cost was only $25 with rebate and bing cashback.

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