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Thread: Icelandic acute accents

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    Re: Icelandic acute accents

    Sorry, I misread the US keyboard, it's the apostrophe button, not the : button. But I don't suppose it changes much.
    The third level layout didn't help me with the acute accents.

    By the way, I spoke to another Icelandic Ubuntu user about his keyboard settings, he didn't have anything selected in layout options. Maybe this will be fixed in Ubuntu 9.10.

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    Re: Icelandic acute accents

    My Icelandic keyboard worked under 9.04 and previous Ubuntu's. Under 9.10 I can still switch between Icelandic and US keyboard with Alt-Shift.

    Before I could enter diacritics under US keyboard with Left-Win, then diacritic, then vowel. Under Icelandic keyboard I pressed only diacritic and then vowel.

    But since I upgraded to 9.10 it doesn't work anymore. I tried many options but I just cannot get it to work again.

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