Heron on Dell Latittude D820 has been working more or less fine, and Gutsy before that. In the last few days; however, it will intermittently decide it dislikes keyboard input (laptop or external). Mouse up a terminal window and any key stroke will cause the windows to die. Same with Calulator or any other Gnome activity I've tried.
Mousing up System/Administration/Logs, messages shows the processes are dying with a SegFault.
This is growing in frequency (twice today).

I've found no recovery from this and must reboot; either gracelessly with the power-switch or somewhat gracefully using Magic SysReq.

BTW: I typically have VMwareServer up (with a VM running XP) as well as GnomePPP (aircard Internet access), Thunderturd, and Firefux.

Any ideas most appreciated.