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Thread: Recording Guitar without the Latency

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    Recording Guitar without the Latency

    my problem is.. i have a Hard Drive-less Gateway MT6832b laptop -
    see specifications here
    so it is currently running on a 4GB USB SD card reader

    I want to connect up my lectric/ *Semi acoustic (with pre-amp)* to the laptop, throught the Mic/ Line in port.

    my current choice of programs and initial software are

    i have browsed around the web and the ubuntu forums, and all that gets said is "buy a new sound card" or hook it up to a microphone/ amp and mike...

    i've seen ways to remove latency from general audio recording from microphones and such, but havent managed to clearly solve the issue...

    the basic function that i want my laptop to work as.. would be as a miniturized amplifier.
    in which it can capture and playback whatever audio is input..

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    Re: Recording Guitar without the Latency

    Some sound cards have a 'direct monitoring' switch that makes it directly send out whatever it picks up on the inputs - you could try and see if your card has something like that in 'alsamixer'.

    If not, you might want to try:
    - instal the 'linux-rt' kernel
    - start qjackctl
    - open the 'connections' window
    - connect the 'system' input directly to the 'system' output.

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